CS POL provides the value of cost savings for our clients.

CS POL has been supplying consumable materials and general-purpose subsidiary except directly necessary for the production of raw materials.

Packing / Storage

Firefighting / Safety

Office Supplies

Environment / Cleaning


Providing Value

Clients points : Increase business efficiency

CS POL is supporting our clients to focus on their important raw material purchasing, core business and buying process improvement through helping of the many consumable materials procurement management services management priority is low, but compared to the raw material.

Suppliers points

CS POL is providing many benefits such as improved logistics costs, the expansion of the market for the supply partners, professional growth and increasing operational efficiency, through supply partners and mutual win-win partnership.


CS POL Sp. z o.o.
ul. Fińska 4, 55-040 Biskupice Podgórne, Poland
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Wojciech Chyży
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Weronika Bartnik
mob. +48 795 459 555

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